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Hours of Operation
Copy Center (during semester-except Friday) 7a.m. - 7p.m.
Copy Center (during semester - Friday) 7a.m. - 5p.m.
Copy Center (off semester) 7a.m. - 5p.m.

Preparation of Material for the Copy Center

1. Materials submitted must comply with all copyright laws. If you have a copyright release, attach a copy of the release to the work order. Any project received without this information will be returned. All items used by “fair use” must have the copyright symbol and the source. If these items are missing the project must be returned for this information.

2. Provide clean originals. Every effort is made to reproduce quality copies from your originals. Please no 3-hole punched or stapled papers - these will not travel through our imaging devices.

3. Information must be clearly typed on white paper. Originals on color paper, particularly dark colors such as red, gold, blue, and green, may be difficult (and sometimes impossible) to reproduce.

4. Avoid colored ink on originals. Black ink reproduces the best. Colors of ink, such as a blue pen used for signature, may be difficult to pick-up.

5. Do not piece together originals. Loose edges can cause originals to mis-feed as they pass through the copier’s automatic document handler. “Make-ready” copies may be substituted for originals that are pieced together.

6. There must be a minimum of 3/8” margin at the top and bottom and 1/4” margin on each side of the page. Print that extends into this margin may not be picked up. Originals without this margin may need a slight reduction in order to fit the image on the paper. This may slow the process of your job.

7. Originals must be submitted, numbered, and unbound so that they can be properly arranged should the pages be out of order. Pages in books are numbered odd numbers on the right side (recto) and even numbers on the left side (verso).

8. All forms for specialty printing, stationery, envelopes and business cards must be completed and signed by department heads prior to submission for printing. These projects also require a complete budget number.

9. The material in your job must not contain any matter that is libelous, obscene, scandalous, or invades any person’s right to privacy or other personal rights.

Work Orders:
A work order not only authorizes the job to be billed to your department, but also provides us with important information about your wishes. We will need to know who is requesting the work, an appropriate telephone number, tracking number or budget codes, and date the finished product is needed. Convenient check boxes tell us your paper choice, if you want your copies to be two-sided or one-sided, collated, stapled, folded, cut, etc., and the number of finished pieces you need. Another area is provided for your description or title of the job.
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